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Carbon Peeling

Carbon peeling can be your ideal solution to give you a refreshed and smoother skin!

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Pink injection

If you are interested in getting such perfect lips, the pink injection procedure, which is carried out by a professional medical team at Blue Care clinic, is your ideal solution!

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Botox injection for migraine

Botox injection might be an alternative and effective solution for your frequently severe headache.

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Botox injection under armpit

With Botox injections which are done under the armpit, you don’t have to worry about your sweating anymore!

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Freckle treatment

At the blue care clinic, we offer you a powerful solution to get rid of them and refresh your skin again!

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Are you afraid of performing plastic surgery for lifting your face? Would you like to rejuvenate your facial skin by a minimally-invasive skin-enhancing treatment? Here, at Blue Care medical clinic, we offer you a powerful solution which is called "Scarlet" to get your youthful face back!

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You might be looking for a non-surgical procedure that can ensure bright and youthful-looking skin, without causing redness and irritation. HydraFacial can be your perfect solution which proves its ability depending on high technology in the aesthetic field to deliver impressive results and maintain healthy skin as well.

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Nefertiti neck lift

Do you suffer from a droopy chin and loose neck which makes you look tired and older? Would you like to tight your neck and get a well-defined jawline? Nefertiti neck lift is the ideal solution for your problem.

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Texas jawline filler

Over time, your jawline starts to lose its natural contour and get clear wrinkles over it, ending up with a sagging chin. However, it is not too late, you can still reshape your jawline and get a well-defined one with a non-surgical procedure called "Texas jawline filler".

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Blue Care Clinic’s journey began in 2017 with a big dream to be one of the leading companies in healthcare and all medical specialties in Istanbul. Blue care seeks to become the first and most reliable destination accredited by reputable international medical organizations.

We at Blue Care believe that your health is the most valuable asset you have, so we harness all our wide experience and medical staff to provide the best health care services for you, achieving your healthy body with an ideal appearance that you have always dreamed of. We believe in our high skills which qualify us to change your life for the best.